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Our Story | Humanity Re-Connected

No stranger to big ass mistakes, questioning her purpose, epiphanies in both her personal and business life, our founder is all about left turns, challenging the norms and having courageous conversations. F*cking up, learning, laughing and trying again. Never giving up, never conforming, never compromising in a way that lessens who you are to please someone else.

That's authentic living. Having the confidence to be bold, to be the first to do something. Like saying hello!  to a stranger and turning them into a friend.

After spending a month cleaning toilets and making beds at a hostel in the tiny town of Taull, Spain, Robyn came back to Toronto and realized how much she missed the revolving door of connections made as new guests checked in.  It was so easy to start a conversation as someone arrived at the hostel, to say hello when passing on the cobblestone streets, and most often, within minutes know much of that person's story, and have a number to call if she ever showed up in their hometown.  Experiencing connected living left its mark, and Robyn wants to bring it back to our increasingly disconnected world.  Join us as we #SAYHELLO more often and in person. Because once upon a time, we didn't have texting and post liking as a means of communication. Once upon a time, we talked to each other.  

How do you let others know you share their mindset of living out loud and value the happiness that comes through human connection? Her answer is wearables that tell your story.  That let a total stranger know something about you, without even speaking a word. A starting point for understanding, connection and conversation. 

Humans thrive on social connections yet we hide behind screens. It's time to reverse the trend and bring people together again.  We are starting the #sayhello movement.

We believe that life is best lived when lived among friends.  

Wearing your Radtagz tells others you belong to the community of go getters and life livers!


At Radtagz we build community and connection for people around the world.

Radtagz. It's your little reminder of what makes you who you are. Of where you have been and where your ambition can take you.  

However you received your Radtagz, it is your manifestation to show up everyday and rise higher.  Our 'A' is an arrow head pointing up - your reminder to rise above, to be better today than yesterday.

Our Style:  Laid Back. Minimalist. Inclusive. Adventurous. Open Heart & Open Mind.

Our tags: #connectedliving #authenticliving #commoncourage #adventure #sayhello #StrangersSoonAreFriends

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