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It's a rollercoaster of confidence and self-doubt when you decide to push your comfort zone and live as your true self.  We get it. We're living at the amusement park too.  This collection is for those of you who have the courage to be fearless to take risks, to chase your dreams. 

Those who choose not to settle with mediocrity are a special breed of human. We get you. You're one of us.

Our Moon Rising Collectible Tag symbolizes New Beginnings, Transformation, and Authenticity.

Moon Rising Mindset Tag

$14.95 USD

Our Yin Yang Collectible Tag is a symbol of Interdependence, Relativity, Balance.

Yin Yang Mindset Tag

$14.95 USD

Our Infinity Collectible Tag is a symbol of Everlasting Love and Acceptance.

Infinity Mindset Tag

$14.95 USD

Our Dare Greatly Collectible Tag symbolizes the mindset to choose Courage Over Comfort, Ambition, and Focus.

Dare Greatly Mindset Tag

$14.95 USD

Our See the Good Collectible Tag symbolizes the mindset of Living with a Positive Outlook.

See The Good Mindset Tag

$14.95 USD

Our Fearless Collectible Tag symbolizes Valiant, Brave, and Bold.

Fearless Mindset Tag

$14.95 USD

Our Weed Leaf Collectible Tag is a symbol of personal liberties, the belief in a better day, the hope of a brighter world.

Weed Leaf Collectible Tag

$14.95 USD

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