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Custom Radtagz

The Premium Wearable for Connected Communities.

We offer custom design Radtagz bracelets and collectible steel tagz.

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What does a custom collection of Radtagz deliver for you?

Community Spirit: When you feel you belong to a community, you feel valued. Having a wearable that acts as a daily reminder that you are a part of a bigger community, be it national pride, your sports team, a major league fan base, your college alumni, or Scouts troop, having that wearable keeps you connected.  

Revenue Streams: No other promotional product allows for additional revenues. Through the creation of tag collections, sales are generated when the bracelet holder purchases additional tagz to personalize their band. Creating a collection exclusively available at your event or store, and having 'limited edition' tagz all drive new revenues.

Brand Awareness: It provides a talking piece. Bracelets can be worn everyday. If your brand is on their wrist in class, at sporting events, while they are having a coffee with a friend, your brand is being noticed.  You can picture it yourself, you notice something interesting your friend is wearing.... something you've never seen before, so you ask about it.  And bam! the story of how they got this bracelet (from a festival, sports team, summer camp, charity run, school booster etc.) gets them talking about you! 

Above all that, we are driven by our customer's level of satisfaction with our service and product.  We will always go the extra mile for you. 

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Our design team works with you to understand your goals and lead you through the process to ensure you succeed at creating excitement and  community spirit with your finished product. 

We have served summer camps, schools, sports events, music festivals, campgrounds, hospital foundations and other charities and look forward to creating custom Radtagz for you!

Our bracelets are one size fits most. These bracelets are allergen free, water proof and uber soft.   

Silicone bands can be created in custom colors and custom screen printed designs. Picture your college mascot, camp logo, organizational motto, sports team or music festival design on these sleek silicone bands!

Our woven nylon, canvas and rugged leather bands are suitable for events looking premium styled bracelet.

Leather is available in Black or Brown. Woven and canvas bands can be created in your preferred color(s). 

Woven and Canvas BraceletsWoven and Canvas BraceletsWoven and Canvas BraceletsWoven and Canvas Bracelets

Our collectible tagz are made from 304 Stainless Steel.  They are sleek and athletic, appealing to all genders.

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