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Be. And Be Known.

We have created the bracelet that lets you express yourself, and be known to others. 

We deliver fashion that starts conversations, showing that we have something in common, inviting people to connect with us. Face to face. The old fashioned way.

When you wear your Radtagz you tell others you are of the mindset of expanding your world. Sharing something about yourself, inviting someone to #sayhello to you and connect on a common thread.

Let's start a conversation. When you see someone wearing their Radtagz, say hello! You know they want you too!


Whether you are an entrepreneur pursuing your dream,  a traveller who lives to explore, or the outdoorsman in pursuit of the next thrill. We Know You.

And you know what it takes to live with Courage Over Fear. 

You belong with us.

Courage is Contagious

Spoken Word Poetry Series

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